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A Smith Family Red Carpet

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Название :  A Smith Family Red Carpet
Продолжительность :   8.48
Пользователь :  Will Smith
Дата публикации :   1 Jun 2019
Просмотры :   3.338.196
Понравилось :   112,410
Не понравилось :   1,014

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Описание к видео A Smith Family Red Carpet

The long anticipated release of Aladdin is here and Will invites his family to the world premiere to see the film for the first time.



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◈ Created by Westbrook Studios

Executive Producers: Will Smith, Miguel Melendez
Producers: Aaron Ferguson, Lukas Kaiser, Mike Nussbaum, Sadao Turner
Editor: Dave Phelps
Add’l Editing: Brian Vannucci
Camera Operators: Jas Davis, Sadao Turner

#Aladdin #WillSmith #JadaPinkettSmith

Комментарии к видео A Smith Family Red Carpet

I really enjoyed every single minute of this vlog , you are a great father ❤️ god bless you all
Комментарий от : Sonia.Alusi

4:54 yaya 🤣😂😂😂😂❤️ he is a very kind man
Комментарий от : Sonia.Alusi

Dina Alvarez Asesora_Oriflame
Hi Will, Yesterday I went to the movies to see Alladin with my daughter and my sister, and I just came here to say thank you, thank you for make a great job as a Genie, and make me feel a little girl in every scene of the movie.. I recomended 100%, The final scene was my favorite, it´s just what I spected, thanks for keep the original version... Thanks for be yourself as always, I admire you as a person and actor, and I loved the way you perform Genie, I cry a lot, I have to be honest jajaajaj,... My three favorite parts of the movie, The Parade of Prince Ali Abawa, when Alladin Made his third wish, make you Free, and Alladin and Princess Jasmin song "A whole new world" lovely, beautiful, shaking chills all the time... Extremely lovely, Same beautiful and unforgetable sensations when I saw the Animation Movie.. The songs, Coreographys, etc.. Thank you Will, Never got a Friend like you ;D :D... God bless u and yor family!!!.. Thanks for been Genie!!!
Комментарий от : Dina Alvarez Asesora_Oriflame

Bel M
5:11 what did he say? I didn't understand :)
Комментарий от : Bel M

Christy Abbott
The movie was literally so good
Комментарий от : Christy Abbott

Yang chow
World coolest & funniest crazy family Smith Family I love how they Shower love,fun,arguments & care with each other! Will Smith the world best father & husband and as a person As well☺☺
Комментарий от : Yang chow

Anthony Holley
I cannot put my finger on it but something don't seem right with Jaden. This is my opinion based on previous videos i witness him in. I hope that they did not alter this young man's mind or did some damage to his subconscious mind. There's A Thin Line Between Money And Fame Versus Family And I Will Do Anything To Get It And Keep It.
Комментарий от : Anthony Holley

helin dina
imagine finding out will smith saw u dancing like an idiot
Комментарий от : helin dina

vinay b
They deserve a family show ,
They deserve own channel,
They deserve me subscribing this channel,
Finally something that's such worth

Комментарий от : vinay b

Paul Latimer
To the Smith family, shut up already, nobody cares.
Комментарий от : Paul Latimer

hesti duwina putri
Willow is super gorgeous i-
Комментарий от : hesti duwina putri

Madeline Murray
Комментарий от : Madeline Murray

Sabrina Akli
Комментарий от : Sabrina Akli

Lynsey Marron Camille
I'm excited to see Aladdin, I miss Robin Williams as an entertainer but I'm sure Will Smith will do this live action movie its truest justice and I'm sure Robbin Williams will be looking down on all of us bless it be with much love.. creative flow to all Empaths and HSP these are the entertainers, healers and teachers we must all support one another to keep the energy light
Комментарий от : Lynsey Marron Camille

Kalimah Hinton
I lost it when he bumped into the pole 😭😭
Комментарий от : Kalimah Hinton

gabby spinal
He is so nice 🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅😭😭
Комментарий от : gabby spinal

gabby spinal
God bless you and you family one of the best actors ever 🙏🙏🙏
Комментарий от : gabby spinal

When Will asked those two kids if they wanted to meet Pricess Jasmine and took them to Naomi, OMG😍😍
Комментарий от : 최주리

3:48 crashing into a pole.... Because we'll why not
Комментарий от : DJrickstar

Ruby Maxwell
Wild Wild West was my favorite too.
Комментарий от : Ruby Maxwell


Man life seems so much easier when you are famous and a millionaire at the same time! It reminds me that I only bring in 5 digits per year!😂
Комментарий от : Unknown

Livienne Nonord
Hello the Smith family!
Mr. Smith where's 'WillO'....
How do you spell WillO.... Someone who looks like you WillO...... Interviewed Mr. Perry not too long ago.... Do you work for Access Hollywood or that's not an option?

Комментарий от : Livienne Nonord

Great tip, walk fast walk strong bois bow you know.
Комментарий от : epictrollerguy

Alex Vera
I mean he made I Am Legend, come on now!!

Комментарий от : Alex Vera

Jasmijn van Gaalen
That is a cute, funny AND good-looking family
Комментарий от : Jasmijn van Gaalen

Best energy ever.
Комментарий от : ANIA HAMMOUDI

Zayn Styling
Where is zayn?
Комментарий от : Zayn Styling

Daphne Martinez
Do a keeping up with the smiths tv show please!!!!😭♥️♥️
Комментарий от : Daphne Martinez

D e n n i s s s
Don’t worry about willow it’s not like she thick💀
Комментарий от : D e n n i s s s

Tyler Da Sav
8:05 oh no it’s the dress again what color is it LIGHT BLUE OR DARK BLUE
Комментарий от : Tyler Da Sav

Pepe The frog
I love you adopt me .
Комментарий от : Pepe The frog

User name
i came because of YT rewind memes
but Goddamnit Will smith is a really cool Youtuber.
A Genuine Vlogger, and a very cool dad

Комментарий от : User name

Ela A
Will Smith, my actual real life hero! <3
Комментарий от : Ela A

Aline Solano
I love will 😊
Комментарий от : Aline Solano

Ak Akk
Why is willow always on her phone 😂😂😂
Комментарий от : Ak Akk

Ak Akk
Anyone else always feels like jaden is will’s favorite
Комментарий от : Ak Akk

t hobbs
Fresh Prince all the way
Комментарий от : t hobbs

Driticore 101
Congrats willow, and same goes to u will and jada(being part of their lives and supporting them.YOUR FAMILY IS GREAT AND... )
Комментарий от : Driticore 101

Kristen Scott
Jada will be gorgeous until her last breath. Not to be grim but
Комментарий от : Kristen Scott

Rhonda Thacker
We saw the show 3 times man. It was the best ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Комментарий от : Rhonda Thacker

Jill ThePrivateinvestigator
Will getting old man titties.😂
Комментарий от : Jill ThePrivateinvestigator

Dislike My Last Video
A family with a net worth of 334million
Комментарий от : Dislike My Last Video

quantum chaos
Man, you awesome!
From Russia with love)

Комментарий от : quantum chaos

Antonio Mere
I love the smith Family We Gotta Become friends One Day And I mean IT remember this comment Cause I’ll be referring to it in the future
Комментарий от : Antonio Mere

Kieran don Singh
That sad calton never made it big
But will didn't hate

Комментарий от : Kieran don Singh

I love that u made geni your own. Loved it
Комментарий от : dach829

Natasha Goafitha
2:30 is like who does that to will smith
Комментарий от : Natasha Goafitha

What the 😲 Lawd l thought Jada instructed her husband to stay out of traffic 🤗😆😊❣️
Комментарий от : judymotivate

Sbusiso Sbusiso
1st Lil Wayne and will Smith this 2 love they are kids
Комментарий от : Sbusiso Sbusiso

Ashley Moore
Aaaww, Ashley! 6:15
Beautiful as always

Комментарий от : Ashley Moore

Ashley Moore
Can we just appreciate 4:39 for a minute or five? 😍
Комментарий от : Ashley Moore

Rebecca 1234
Love these vlogss❤️
Комментарий от : Rebecca 1234

Carolyn Ryene
I just love these people. Great that they are Americans.🙏🙏🙏🙏
Комментарий от : Carolyn Ryene

Who's The Man?
Комментарий от : ManofgoD

Nysia Martin
Find the beat...😭
Комментарий от : Nysia Martin

John Goodman
Will Smith you are real humble gentleman, you deserve every success.
Комментарий от : John Goodman

Hellen Akinyi
love this
Комментарий от : Hellen Akinyi

Pam Carballoca
Loved this.....Will never loose the seven year old inside no matter how old you get.
Комментарий от : Pam Carballoca

jaden you be keeping people waiting ...
Комментарий от : Minko

Rosy B
Love youuuuuu!!! Always my favorite artist💋💋💋
Комментарий от : Rosy B

Was Aladdin good?
Комментарий от : RosySpeaks

Comercializadora y Distribuidora CONSTRUCK
This family is very very fun
Комментарий от : Comercializadora y Distribuidora CONSTRUCK

Queen Pink
I’m soo dead!!!when he got in front of the green screen
Комментарий от : Queen Pink

SAGE Games
Will: You ready to see Aladdin?
Jaden: I'm totally ready to see Aladdin, it's a whole new world😉
Will: djshdjsheb... I see what you did there

Комментарий от : SAGE Games

I've fallen in love with this family
Комментарий от : G F

Jadens a good kid, his grills a little funky 🤣🤣🤣😭
Комментарий от : FORTHENORTH G

we are here to smile
He loves his audience and the attention 😂😂😂😘😘😘
Комментарий от : we are here to smile

Иван Севостьянов
йоу , это очень круто
Комментарий от : Иван Севостьянов

Naomi would be a dope Lara Croft.
Комментарий от : Cawo

Shania S.
this family has my entire heart OOML
Комментарий от : Shania S.

why is his son looking like a girl and his daughter looking like a man ? wtf man
Комментарий от : BanZie

1tribe HD
if you disliked this video it mean you are just a hater.
Комментарий от : 1tribe HD

Hoorain Ikram
Комментарий от : Hoorain Ikram

Marc W
am I crazy but seeing Will and Alfonzo together in tht quick second I need fresh prince robot but vlog style includes his real family but playing different roles or something crzy!!!! please
Комментарий от : Marc W

Alyssa Cichon
Will Smith is a great dude, great family man, best actor to me hands down. Love it
Комментарий от : Alyssa Cichon

Will Smith YouTube is like watching fresh prince for real.
Комментарий от : MS84R

Andreas Bengter
smiths wife is really rocking that bluesteel.. :D
Комментарий от : Andreas Bengter

4:58 was that Carlton and Carlton Jr.? Ohmygod! Lol
Комментарий от : 한여신

Jose Duran
Nice save "you 2 want to see the princess"
Комментарий от : Jose Duran

Nancy Mobia
The first 3 seconds and am already enjoying it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Комментарий от : Nancy Mobia

Splender Best
I'm the only one that noticed that the carpet isn't red ?
Комментарий от : Splender Best

PTI Family
Mr. Will Smith is an Amazing Actor, and also have a Loveable Family. ❤.

Комментарий от : PTI Family

Lalindra Siriwardane
I hope one day I can become a great Dad like Will. My daughter is 6 months old now. I cant wait for her to grow and just have fun. I personally cherish having fun with family more than with friends. Friends are temporary. Family is for life. I never had a great Dad and son bond when I was growing up.
Комментарий от : Lalindra Siriwardane

i love that with the green screen he used scenes from independence day
Комментарий от : natalie

Creative Studio
My last will is to meet up with will Smith
Комментарий от : Creative Studio

Cindy Lou Sizemore
Man...We all Love our parents but what a great family and if only more parents could be like this!
Комментарий от : Cindy Lou Sizemore

Hannah Paige
Jaden in the background screaming IT WAS 15 MINUTES
Комментарий от : Hannah Paige

Hannah Paige
Комментарий от : Hannah Paige

Wise Will...still looking at the world with wonder and awe, not surrendering his fun.
Aligned w advice from the sages

Комментарий от : SOULar

Só eu que assisto e não entendo nada?
Комментарий от : kaio

Vanuza Nogueira
Wil é o show
Комментарий от : Vanuza Nogueira

salsabila octavia
Комментарий от : salsabila octavia

Dlp Porter
I’ve noticed in many videos that will doesn’t engage his older son much he seems to be an outsider Jayden is not as handsome as when he was younger and will have to find all of these statements of wisdom to convince himself that everything is ok in his life I truly believe it’s all a facade I believe the family is unhappy but will is trying to hold them together or I should say that they are not as happy as they present themselves I also sense that will and jayda are no longer in love but tolerate each other do anyone feel or see what I see
Комментарий от : Dlp Porter

Beryl Walubengo
One day I am going a family like this one.
Комментарий от : Beryl Walubengo

Meari P
Jaden was 45mins late for the family foto
Комментарий от : Meari P

Baby Rose
i hope i can meet family smith ..

- love Malaysia

Комментарий от : Baby Rose

Jaan Maroo
Jada panket should be honest to will smith!!
Комментарий от : Jaan Maroo

christian chim
Best family in the world. I love when will and jaden argue on every vlog 😂
Комментарий от : christian chim

christian chim
I wanna find a husband like will smith.
Комментарий от : christian chim

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